WELCOME to PrivateAffairs.com®, a service designed for persons involved in or seeking an extramarital relationship.

Are you thinking of becoming involved in an extramarital affair? Are you already involved with a secret lover? If you have thought about having an affair, or are already involved, it is likely that you have many conflicting feelings. Having an affair is not easy, but we can help! Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone!

Affairs Happen
Our society maintains that extramarital affairs make us bad people. We have been told that it is wrong when we have a relationship with someone outside our marriage. Despite this, affairs happen in all walks of life. No one is immune, even those of us that swore they would never have an affair. Affairs are a fact of life no matter how much our society denies it.

Affairs can be difficult
PrivateAffairs.com understands the difficulties you are experiencing. We will help you sort out your thoughts and provide some direction for your extramarital tendencies. Our mission is to offer a safe, secure outlet for your extramarital lifestyle.

We can Help
Come in, explore and participate. PrivateAffair.com is a perfect starting point to learn why you may want to pursue an extramarital affair and what you should do about it. Discover out how you can satisfy your extramarital desires.

If you can't be good, Be careful!

Doug Mitchell
Creator and Webmaster